This empress blouse and Hepburn roached cuffed ensemble is influenced by Greek renaissance. This is an excerpt from one of our catalogs.




This Feasant Blouse, Bustier, and cuffed collared capri come together from the ether to embody all things fanciful in fun metallics and basics. Another excerpt from out catalog which we know you'll find something you just can't do without.

We specialize in unique looks and specialize in custom made looks from sketch to finish
We also excel in the Avante Garde arena creating not only looks but entire characters

The Cobra coat dress is a one piece showstopper for any fashionista heading to an Art Gallery opening or a film festival overseas. Schedule an appointment today and we'll do a consultation with you and bring whatever you envision to life.

We are most well known for our denim sculptures and they are considered wearable art