From the Beginning

Reinments of Power specializes in unique custom made looks from sketch to finish. They also excel in the Avante Garde arena creating not only outfits but entire characters. They're most well known for thier denim sculptures as these are considered wearable art.

Their 2007 debut collection showed just a touch of their fashion design ideas, giving hints to their preference for quality fabrics and refined details. To date, Designers 'Alfred Tumblin and Empress Beesigye' have stretched their creativity and immense fashion sense into a massive collection and impressive portfolio.

Gaining Attention
As fashion goes, every designer and every boutique has their signature look or style. As well, there is the underlying tone that their style will gain in popularity. is more than blessed in this realm as their clothing and designs are gaining the attention of some big name celebrities and a little love from articles in Pantone on trend prediction and fashion magazine spreads.

Whether you prefer a classic professional look with a pop of color or lean more toward high art street cool, you'll find the collections from more than appealing. Keep an eye out for the latest lines as new pieces and designs are always coming to the surface.