Star of the "Washington Heights" series 'Reyna Saldana' was stunning in our "Goddess Gown" and "Marie Antoine Choker" after an onstage musical performance in NYC. Textiles for the dress were done in-house for Fashion Week having been chosen to honor the memory of Alexander McQueen in New York. The Dress and choker went on tour gracing runways as well as Art Exhibitions being deemed wearable art.


During their recent tour across the U.S. our one of kind wearable art / couture accessories and garments were featured on runways starting in NYC and displayed in exhibitions at esteemed art galleries.



We offer a variety of customized services including Dressmaking, tailoring, graphic design, animation, and the list keeps growing fast. We even feature artists surviving the diaspora of Hurricane Katrina/ Rita in our gallery and Tumblin's Gothic steam-punk thriller in the "Book" section so sign up today for our newsletters to keep up with great bargains, deals, and new services.


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